Classified Ads - Place An Ad

Please read our Classified Ads guidelines. They will help you place your ad in the proper place and way. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll answer them as best we can.

Classified Ads Guidelines

  • All ads will be reviewed before being posted to our website.
  • Classified ads may only be posted by MPOTAC members.
  • Posting an ad is FREE!
  • All ads should be related to cars.
  • Each ad will run for a maximum of 90 days. Please contact us when your item is sold or no longer available so that the ad can be removed from the listing.
  • One picture/image is allowed per ad.
  • Multiple ads can be posted to run at the same time in any of the categories.
  • In placing an ad on this webpage your email address, name and contact number are protected and not seen by viewers. However, you can be contacted by email when an interested party clicks 'Contact Seller'. Care should be taken in opening emails from your ads, such as previewing them before opening to protect against unwanted contact.

Special note on the Miscellaneous category: The miscellaneous category can include "universal after-market period accessories and general automobilia that could relate to cars." Such items could include: car trailers or towing equipment, universal turn signal systems, curb feelers, driving & fog lights, automotive restoration tools and supplies, gasoline pumps, petroleum industry advertising and related items, tires, seat belts, etc. As well, printed material and books related to old cars may also be listed.