Welcome to the Mid-Peninsula Old Time Auto Club (MPOTAC), and our virtual home online. We strive to provide current information here, to inform visitors about our purpose, history, and upcoming activities. Starting in 1960, we've grown to over one-hundred-member families representing most of the Bay Area counties and driving historic automobiles from every make and model, spanning the first century of motor vehicles – America's rolling art. From the very first electric vehicles and locomobiles, to highly coveted limited production contemporary sports cars, our members have an amazing collection of antique vehicles they love. If you've got a collectible motor vehicle that's thirty-five years or older, you are welcome to join us and consider membership. Of course, you don't have to own an old car to join our club, and we can help you find one, if you're interested.

In addition to this website, our members receive the Windshield Post, our regular newsletter covering the events and activities of this unique organization, with lots of interesting reading, photos, and resource material. We enjoy technical talks and regular tours to regional sites of interest, weather and public health protocols permitting. Winding along country roads and enjoying lunch at scenic spots or local museums allows us to display our vehicles on a regular basis. Traditionally, local tours have begun at Redwood City's historic Wellesley Crescent Park, with a circling of the park and three toots of the horn to begin the journey. Guests are always welcome, please visit our photo gallery, and join us soon.

Whether it's our annual installation luncheon, our celebrated Friendship Day event, or the annual club picnic, our membership enjoys time together sharing and perpetuating this nostalgic and rewarding hobby. We appreciate vehicles with an original appearance "as they were when they rolled-off the assembly-line", and with minimal modifications. That said, many of our club members have made improvements that enhance the safety, performance, and reliability of their vehicles, and which do not detract from the authentic presentation of their specific make and model. Participants in our non-competitive car show Friendship Day®, join fellow car enthusiasts in the region, supporting a great day with family, friends, and fun. All are welcome, and you're sure to enjoy a casual stroll through our eclectic gathering of automotive history, and the personalities that make this past time an avocation beyond compare. Please feel free to contact any officer of our club with questions.