Welcome to the Virtual Home of the Mid Peninsula Old Time Auto Club. Our geographic home is on the San Francisco Peninsula, with monthly membership meetings held in Redwood City. We are one of the oldest and most successful auto clubs on the West Coast, encompassing all makes and models of automobiles 35 years or older.

We are a local club with no national parent and are unique in welcoming all makes and a full range of ages of old cars. Our oldest cars are a 1906 Locomobile and a 1908 Buick. One of our newest is a 1970 Corvette Stingray 454. Please check out the list of our cars, which is always growing, where we are in the process of adding pictures.

Our Club was formed in 1960 and we still have some of the original members active with their old cars. Like our cars, our members range in age too, from some in their 20's to several in their late 90's.

Our signature annual event is Friendship Day, which began in 1963 with an invitation issued to all northern California old car clubs to get together in one location for a picnic and day of fun. Friendship Day is a cherished tradition now for generations of old car people in the Bay Area, involving the noncompetitive gathering of hundreds of cars and clubs. Most of those who attend bring their old cars, but we do also welcome those without cars, but with a love of them. This is how people can learn about and be drawn into the hobby. Please check out some of the pictures of past Friendship Days.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 we sponsored a Centennial Celebration Tour for El Camino Real. We invited all local old car people to join us. Click here to read and view pictures of the event.

We usually have tour events every month, from wending our way along country roads to lunch in scenic villages, to visits to local museums and tourist sites, to displaying our cars in various town shows, to a Christmas lights tour. Most of our tours start at Wellesley Crescent Park, a charming "traffic circle" in Redwood City, where we assemble and then circle the park three times to get started and up to speed before we take off.

We are a friendly and welcoming group. If you love old cars and live locally please check us out. We meet the fourth Friday evening of most months for fellowship, planning, a short program, and refreshments. Guests are always welcome. We have over 120 member households and would welcome you.

Please feel free to contact any officer of our Club with questions.